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HURAC International Representative


Kate, Wisdom Deebeke is an Ogoni human rights activist, who has the passion to saving and rejuvenating life for his people.  He was among the pioneer crew that facilitated the formation and progress of the club alongside Nwidum Jeremiah Tuaka (HURAC Pioneer Chairman).  He is a valiant individual who pursues his dreams without giving up until he comes to conclusion.  He joined HURAC in 2008 after the summit by the Movement for the survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).  Ever since then, he has the love for HURAC and has been a great contributor to the development of the club.  He is a clever Nigerian who during elections in the club had made every necessary effort to ensure that the best candidates were elected into offices and guarantee optimal performance of their duties.  He has been a mediator between MOSOP and the students ensuring that everybody is affected.  He aims at taking the club to an international level.  He was given the mandate to act as the INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE in a Youth Capacity building workshop in Port Harcourt by one Miss Murphy Maggie (a Dutchwoman) a delegate at the workshop from the Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organisation (UNPO) alongside with Barikpoa Nwako.  During his tenure, he served many reputable offices in the club among which were

  1. HURAC International Representative (I/R),
  2. Chairman, HURAC, Bori divisional Hqtrs,
  3. Chairman, HURAC Electoral Commission, Bori,
  4. Senior Chief Coordinator, HURAC, Bori,
  5. School Resident Club Lecturer, RivpolyCSS, Bori,
  6. Chairman, HURAC Rebranding & Campaign Initiatives &
  7. Other appointed offices.

On the day of his send-forth, he relinquished some of these offices to some devoted HURAC members that will be listed in the later part of this publication.  Kate ensured that students took part in all lectures, seminars, symposium, workshops and talk-shows organised by MOSOP and USAID.  He taught the students most of the basic principles in human rights and impacted morals into them.  He was always present at club meetings, motivating students to be members of the club and telling them the associated benefits of being a HURAC member.

Kate and his working crew facilitated the establishment of HURAC in most of the secondary schools in Ogoni including CSS Bori, BMGS Bori, ACGS Bori, PTEC Bori and GCHS Taabaa.  He was ambitious to see that HURAC stood firm in all these secondary school before he left to further his studies in the United Kingdom in 2010.  His working crew while in Bori had been

  1. Nwidum Jeremiah Tuaka, (Pioneer Founder)
  2. Ogbomene Barikpoa, (now HURAC Chairman)
  3. Legborsi Brian, (now Chairman, HURAC Elect. Comm.)
  4. SorBari, Eric Doneh, (Founder, HURAC CSS Bori) &
  5. Vaah Bari-elnen (Pioneer President, RivPolyCSS, Bori)
  6. Others devoted HURAC members.

Although he has left to further his studies, he still has the club at heart and has always thought of rejuvenating and standardising the club.  He keeps enquiring about the progress of the club.  He has made the club public by creating an official HURAC facebook account, page and group for the club.  With his expertise knowledge in computing, he also created and designed this website for the club.  Not only has he done all these, but has remained a legend in the history of HURAC.  He remains an important figure in the heart of all HURAC.

Other vital information and resources about Kate could be found in his resume’ that was written and read by Ogbomene Barikpoa on the day of his send-forth ceremony to the United Kingdom as-well-as on his website, facebook and twitter accounts and for his academic records, please click here.###

From The I/R’s Desk

Our Pioneer Founder

I am very honoured to have become a HURAC member.  HURAC as a club has been very useful to me as it exposes me to some of my fundamental human rights.  Not only that, it also teaches me the way forward to advocate for my rights when I am being deprived of or they are being infringed upon.  So many people think that fighting for their rights has to do with physical combats and violence, but in the real sense, it’s not supposed to be as they think.  There is a concept called ‘advocacy’.  It is always applied in the course of redeeming one’s rights in order to respect the rule of law and other governing principles of the land.  For the proper emancipation of the group of a group of people, violence is not required, but advocacy.  It should be done in a peaceful and nonviolent way to avoid bloodshed.

HURAC teaches you all these stepwise procedures to follow in order to redeem your rights.  I have always found pleasure in being a HURAC member right from when I started in 2008.  As the person who headed the club, I ensured that I show a good leadership role so that others can follow my footstep, and a better HURAC will reign forever.  I have always tried to imitate the speeches and actions of the celebrated playwright and hero: Late Ken Saro Wiwa.  I will not forget to mention MOSOP International Advocacy Officer, Mr. Legborsi Saro Pyagbara for his role played in the realisation of this great club in Bori.  He has always been with us, given us all ears and ensuring that we partake in all seminars and workshops and the accruing benefits


 …”HURAC teaches you all these stepwise procedures

                                                             to follow in order to redeem your rights”.

I have decided to serve HURAC to the best of my interest and to be reckoned with as a devoted human rights activist.  I also urge everyone to join this great club to promote and enlighten people on their fundamental human rights.

Once again, you are welcome to our website, where every detail about HURAC is discussed.  We hope you enjoyed being with us online navigating and exploring HURAC on the net…Spread the campaign around and be blessed.###

Kate, Wisdom Deebeke

HURAC International Representative

(For and on behalf of all HURAC)


   If you wish to contact Kate, Wisdom by email, please fill in the contact form below.  He would be very happy to hear from you and would respond to your request as soon as possible.  Have your email address, HURAC Membership Reference Number (if applicable) handy as you are required to fill them into the form below.  You can also contact Kate, Wisdom by clicking on the link: CONTACTME

N/B: All fields marked with asterisk (*) are required

“Thank you very much for contacting Kate, Wisdom.  You will hear from him within the next 24 hours, please be patient as he may be very busy with his career and may delay replying to your request if need be”.




  1. Thank you very much for your interest to invest in HURAC and to use your reputation to encourage others to join the cause. Your input could be the change we have long waited for. However, as students, our funds are based on contributions during events and so cannot afford the money you have stated above. If there is any other way you can ship the books and materials to us, that would be really appreciated. You can also help in the HURAC cause by standing as our mentor and adviser, and also help in funding the club (no matter how small your contributions may be, we will accept with the highest thanks ever). For example, at the moment we are developing a website for the club and the Ogoni struggle which involves lots of resources since we have to buy softwares including plugins and upgrade account with our host to receive knowledge-based support from them. We will be thankful if you can invest in this website project to enable us to bring the best website that contains all the information about the Ogoni struggle and what students of Ogoni are embarking on to improve the Ogoni experience.
    Please do help us in any way you can.


    Mr. Kate, Wisdom Deebeke,
    For and on behalf of all HURAC members.

    Posted by HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS CLUB, BORI-OGONI | July 7, 2012, 9:14 pm
  2. If you all is working with post and secondary institution in every ogoni community, Niger delta, and other minorities has indicated here in your missive. That may give me more bright view on how I am going to support you all out, but the challenge ahead of me now I can promised you all with financial aid but for now I have a lot of educational tools that may improved the stand of every son and daughter of ogonis, such as Books, and medical support tools but since many of the ogoni son and daughters now in united state are opportunist and also understand that I as person may not allow them using every ogoni benefit for there self interest,they then continue to see me as treat. But only my advice is that since they have turn our blood struggle out now as there valuable treasure on diversify shipping of container in case any among you have any information from someone that may ships goods back home that may be nice and if I am inform, I may be able to provide to them as many as possible books that may help many ogoni children or If your group want to establish library the container cost of books and computer may cost almost twelve thousand dollars, if in case there is need for this kind of improvement, you people should let me know? Thanks Alias Abo’ Abo” or contact me with my office number 314 776 4750.

    Posted by GM. Monday Kogbara. | July 5, 2012, 7:10 pm
  3. Dear Kogbara,
    Sorry for the delays in reply to your comment/question. We have been very busy ensuring that our new website creation project is up-to-date. We are now half done with the website. OK, back to your question.
    Yes, we have a dream, that every youth of Ogoni is aware of his/her rights and how to defend them when the need arises. As we always say, we operate among secondary school students and to a lesser extent, among alumni of the operating schools. Our inputs today may not seem interesting, but it’s hoped that they may yield positive results in the nearest future. We basically lecture our members on critical and current human rights issues within and Outside Ogoni with the notion that students might become aware of what’s going on around them and how to tackle them. At the moment, we do not faces issues publicly, but we hope that as we progress in number and logistics, we shall be able to faces some human rights issues in Ogoni and campaign against any right violation currently going on in Niger Delta/Ogoni. The issue of human rights advocacy is a very important principle that we deal on mostly among members and encourage them to advocate for others in need. Although, we are progress and reaching many places, we are hindered by many factors too, including lack of personnels, mentors, funds, supports and lecture materials. We are hoping that the division in MOSOP will soon elapse so that MOSOP will come to our aid again. We will also appreciate anyone who can volunteer to help in any way possible. We are hoping we have answered your question, please do leave a message if you still have any further question.
    Thanks for contacting us.


    Posted by HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS CLUB, BORI-OGONI | July 4, 2012, 11:22 pm
  4. As groups representing the ogoni’s in many human Right social Affair ; I may want from leaders of this humble group to give me brief summary to this Question? (1) Do you people have any dream in mind tomorrow that may give the people of Niger Delta or Ogoni Hope for the future if yes, how possible can this be applied as urgent means on a brand new developed success that may aid our society to infinite hope for better tomorrow as challenge of your accomplishment in office,

    Posted by Monday Kogbara | July 3, 2012, 2:00 am

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